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Micellar water 200ml

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It is a fresh and delicate water that cleanses and removes impurities and makeup from the skin of the face and around the eyes.

Based on the secretion of Helix Aspersa BIO and / Sechium Edule BIO, aloe vera and elderberry.

98% of the ingredients are of natural origin. 10% of the total ingredients comes from organic farming.

The unique combination of the HELIXIUM complex, decongestant elderberry floral water and aloe vera, gives a sensation of purity and softness.

Active principles

Snail slime is highly rich in:

     Allantoin: Cell regeneration.
     • Proteins and vitamins Nutrition of the skin.
     • Proteins capable of breaking down bacterial cell walls.
     • Glycolic acid: regenerating action on damaged tissues.
     • Hyaluronic acid retains large amounts of water to keep it hydrated.

Sechium is of particular interest due to its wide variety of amino acids that provide regenerative properties.

     Elderflower water: Decongestant, softener.
     • Aloe vera: regenerating, antioxidant.

How to use

Apply to the face, eye contour and neck with the help of a cotton pad until the impurities and traces of makeup are completely eliminated.

WITHOUT RINSE. Later you can apply your usual cream.

Presentation: 200 ml bottle

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