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Natural serum Helix
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Natural serum Helix

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At SKINATURE we believe that your skin needs the most effective natural care against wrinkles, spots and dehydration without plastics and without toxins. For this reason, we have carefully selected our organically grown ingredients.
We have incorporated organic snail slime to repair the skin, chayote for an antioxidant effect, and in each product the best plant to obtain the best results for the skin. Our containers are recyclable and many of them come from plastics recovered from the oceans *
* Kilig nature
Packaging is made from 25-50% ocean waste plastic, collected in the waters around Indonesia. Not only are we helping to reduce the amount of plastic in the water, but using recycled plastic also means less newly produced plastic and a CO2 emissions cut by 52% compared to packaging made from virgin plastic. And box is made from recycled paper too!
Organic snail slime: With allantoin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans, repairs the skin.
Chayote: Rich in Vitamin C, E and amino acids protects and repairs the skin
Spirulina: This algae is a superfood, rich in antioxidants
Grapefruit: antioxidant Tigernut tigernut oil grows mainly in the middle belt and in Northern Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Ghana and Togo. Despite its name, tigernut is not a real nut but a root crop, which grows widely in wet places and is sometimes cultivated for its small ands weet tubers.
Aloe Vera bio: skin repair