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Active filters

In HELIXIUM ORGANIC we believe that for your skin you need an ideal sun protection. For this reason, we have carefully selected our organic farming ingredients, we have incorporated organic snail slime to repair the skin, chayote for an antioxydant effect, cold-pressed oils to mineral filters of natural origin, to obtain the best sun protection results for your skin.
All our ingredients come from renewable sources able to regenerate year after year..
The containers are recyclable and come from 100% recyclable plastics *
*helixium solar spray, helixium gel post solar
Ecological sunscreens have less risk of allergies than biochemical sunscreens, as they are free of preservatives, perfumes and synthetic dyes.
Ecological sunscreens only use mineral filters, mainly based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
ORGANIC SNAIL SLIME: Naturally rich in glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, amino acids. Helps to repair the skin of the oxidative stress generated by the sun, eviating photo-aging. We pamper our snails, we respect their life cycles, our method of obtaining the slime is artisanal and does not entail animal suffering. We use it for its great regenerative capacity of the skin
SECHIUM EDULE EXTRACT:: Also known as sechium edule, it is a vegetable rich in vitamin C and amino acids, being a powerful antioxidant. Of ecological and sustainable cultivation, the chayote gives luminosity to the skin preventing the cellular aging.
ORGANIC ALOE VERA: Repairs the skin against the sun, calms the sensation of redness and is a powerful antioxidant. Organic and sustainable farming is an ally in front of the sun.
PHYSICAL FILTER: titanium dioxide, natural suspension surrounded by plant particles to improve its application and coverage on the skin.
ZINC OXIDE: Pure ZnO is a white powder, in nature it is naturally found as zincite mineral.